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Food hose with polyurethane materials as the matrix, as transport food of high quality food grade
Published:2012.09.06 Source:Food hose Views:

    Food  hose with polyurethane materials as the matrix, as transport food of high quality food grade hose, with long service life and wear resistant characteristic, and at the same time maintain maximum flexibility and operation and simplicity. Advanced equipment and production technology made very clear coaxial hose, become food material handling application of the best choice. We also provide complete installation of throat hoop, meet FDA standard, with excellent abrasion resistance and ultra smooth inner hole, can provide excellent material flow, clear polyurethane hose that users can intuitively monitoring material flow, with strong spiral reinforcement.

This kind of  wine food  hose does not contain halogen, accord with environmental protection RoSH food grade standard instruction requirement, in the delivery of food at the same time can also be applied to industrial and mining, agriculture and water conservancy, civil engineering, food, petroleum, chemical industry, public health and other industry vacuum suction powder, granules, high flow rate very wear force of gravel, crushed stone, fine grain, useless glass and chip and particle transport.

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